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Facts about Halmstad

It is the seat of Halmstad Municipality and the capital of Halland County. It is Sweden’s 20th-largest city by population and located midway between Gothenburg and Malmö.It is a port, university, industrial and recreational city. 

It belonged to Denmark until the 17th century.

It became part of Sweden for a period of thirty years when peace was declared at the Treaty of Brömsebro in 1645 and Danish rule ended. The Treaty of Roskilde in 1658 made this acquisition permanent. Sweden defeated Denmark in the Battle of Fyllebro which took place in 1676 just outside Halmstad.

Founded in 1983, Halmstad University is a public higher education institution offering bachelor’s and master’s programs in various fields of study. In addition, it conducts Ph.D. programs in three fields of research: Information Technology, Innovation Science and Health Science.

gingerhail asked: I follow literally hundreds of travel blogs and yours is one of my favourite

aww.. this makes me so happy!!! it’s great to know my work is being apreciated! have a great friday!

eliaslindholm asked: what do people get out of being so unpleasant? I think you're doing an amazing job and I love seeing my country on my dash! Keep it up :)

aww… thanks a lot Natalie! a lot of people had some curiosity bout the turning torso, so here it is… unfortunatelly we can’t please everyone…

Anonymous asked: nice to know facts about such a beautiful building....

thanks a lot sweetie!! glad you liked it!

Anonymous asked: is this a blog about architecture now? wtf??

no it’s not sweetie…. a while ago someone make this request and it was put on the list. but it’s good to learn something different, don’t you think?