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jimrsbjorklund asked: fuck no norway?

i love norway, but this blog is about sweden…. sorry Jims… ^ ^

zutarano asked: Thank you so much!!

no problem sweetie!! 

ensamdansare asked: Your blog is basically perfect, and amazing, and fabulous. I'm going abroad to Sweden next year so I always just get even more excited when I see pictures of how beautiful it is. You're awesome. Keep it up !! :-)

Thanks a lot Erin!! I try my best! i’m really glad you like it!! ^ ^

blauerhund asked: actually there are fjords in Sweden. for example the Askims Fjord in the south of Göteborg or the Gullmar Fjord in the north of Göteborg. Another one is the Sundsvall Fjord which is named after the city of Sundsvall. You are right, most Fjords we know are located in Norway. Swedish fjords sadly do not look like the typical fjords we know. there are no mountains on both sides of the water. they are mostly flat and look like a elongated bay. i hope this is helpful for you. p.s. have a nice day! <3

thanks so much!! i was really thinking about fjords in the classic way… now that i know i’m gonna look for some pics.. have a great day too!! ^ ^